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Our funny printable certificates cover a wide range of office award categories and will provide great entertainment for all of your office events.

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  • Funny and Silly Awards
  • Teamwork Awards
  • Leadership Awards
  • Job Well Done Awards

150 Funny Office Awards + 36 Free Additional Office Awards + 3 Free Blank Templates = 189 Office Awards for just $7!

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Office Awards are perfect for Christmas Parties, Company BBQ's, Halloween Parties, or just the regular office work day!

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50 Office Themed
Office Awards


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50 Office Award Templates

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50 Scholar Themed
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50 Office Scholar Themed Templates

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50 Presidential Themed Templates

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Due to the nature of our product, we cannot accept returns. However, we want you to be 100% satisfied and certain that our office awards meet your expectations before you purchase. Please download a free sample to test our awards before purchasing. Please read our FAQ for support.

Our funny awards cover a wide range of office award categories and will provide great entertainment for all of your office events. Whether you're planning to hold a recognition awards cereomony, Christmas Party, summer bbq, or any other event, our fun office awards will surely be the source of excitement! Who says company events need to be boring? In fact, why should you and your office co-workers wait for an office event to enjoy these funny printable certificates? Our fun corporate awards are great to hand out ANY time of the year...maybe you're having a pizza Friday this week, well add a little bit of excitement by including our fun office awards! Help boost company spirits today!

Other office award ideas include plaques and trophies but these options can cost you over $100 per plaque or trophy! Nowadays, who has the money to spend that much? Why spend so much per award when there is a cost effective alternative to recognize ALL the employees at your company event/office party? Whether you work in a ten person office environment or a huge fortune 500 company, there are enough funny awards ideas in our printable certificate bundle to cover everyone! If you are not ready to purchase at this time, then it's a great idea to download a free pack of our funny awards at no cost! There is a link if you scroll down to the bottom of this page! But we think you'll enjoy our free office awards so much that you'll come back and purchase the 189 Office Awards pack!

189 Office Awards include office awards certificates such as Employee of the Week, Employee of the Month, Certificate of Appreciation, Certificate of Achievement, Employee of the Month, Employee of the Year. We also have included funny office awards such as the Where's Waldo Award for never being at your desk, The Silly String Award for being the Office Prankster, the Pom Pom Award for having the Most Spirit, and the Smiley Face Award for being in a Perky mood all the time. Our office awards cover the following funny office award categories: Leadership Awards Teamwork Awards, Funny and Silly Awards, Job Well Done Awards and Create-Your-Own Awards. In fact, you'll be able to put on your creative hat and come up with your own fun award ideas since 3 blank templates are included.* This allows you to come up with unique awards specific to each employee or department within your company.

To print and view these awards, You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If for any reason you have difficulty opening the PDF with your current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, please visit and download the latest version. Our office awards print on standard 8.5" X 11" paper... you can also print these out on thick or glossy paper if you prefer. Our awards print on any regular printer. You can print them in color or in black and white. Honestly, they look better in color though!

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"I am not tech savy and I thought I would have issues creating these office awards but surprisingly the PDF files were easy to use and manipulate. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for office entertainment. " John D. – New York City

"Perfect for the Office Christmas Party! Thanks." Lauren– San Diego

"These funny certificates were handed out during the annual bbq. Even the boss got a kick out of them." Mikey- NJ

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*Subtitles can only be manipulated on the 36 Additional Office Awards PDF Book and on the 3 blank templates included in the 150 Funny Office Awards Bundle. is committed to saving trees! Our funny awards template pdf is designed in a way where you can print out only the certificates that you intend to use. This way, you can save on paper and on ink.